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Tehran is a photo collection I worked on between the years 2013 and 2019.

It is an attempt to reproduce an impression of the city where I was born and raised. An image that may, in reality, have no connection to the actual city of Tehran.

Jäger-Folkwang Museum-01_edited1


He gets lost in the forest of his search.

He is accompanied by the clouds moving above him.

He looks upwards, on the river

blue red his blood

He‘s still alive, he thinks he is

All of this is a dream

He moves on

Trying to pull his mind together.

I am the hunter

The Hunter

Following his trail the hunter lets himself drift into uncertainty.

He is searching for his prey, but first and foremost

he wants to be a hunter.

The ritual of becoming a hunter.

In order to be a hunter, he must first be a divine observer

who can let things arise in their most divine naturalness

through his gaze

or take life from them.